Felton Street Community Preschool program & curriculum

Children Gathered For Plant Session — Felton Street Community Preschool Philosophy in Gateshead, NSW
In compliance with the national laws and regulations, Felton Street Community Preschool offers high-quality educational programs for 2-5 year olds.

Using the National Quality Standards (NQS) and the Early Years Learning Framework, our programs are responsive to the ever-changing needs of our children and their families.

We seek to be inclusive of each individual in our community and to celebrate every child and each family's uniqueness.
Art Session — Felton Street Community Preschool Philosophy in Gateshead, NSW

Our staff provides customised, age-appropriate programs for children based on their strengths, skills, talents and untapped capabilities. In acquiring our knowledge of your child and your family, we will:

  • Hand out family questionnaires
  • Keep observational records
  • Complete checklists, where your child's growth as compared to age & developmental milestones
  • Collect samples of your child's work & progress.
  • Keep photographic records of your child engaged in play in the preschool

All data gathered about your child will be compiled as part of an on-going record of your child's growth and kept onsite.
Parents are welcome to browse through their son or daughter's portfolio at any time and make written comments. After all, we are partners in your child's education.

Portfolios are kept electronically, copies of these and all photos taken of children are given to families at the end of each year.
Study Table — Felton Street Community Preschool Philosophy in Gateshead, NSW

We also provide a range of programs and services designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our community. This includes:

  • Transition to school program is tailored to each individual child's program.
  • Environmental awareness and sustainability.
  • Social & emotional skills development, to name a few
  • Wellness programs.

As a not-for-profit community-based service any and all monies made by the preschool in any given year are re-invested back into the organisation.

Our Curriculum

Arts by Preschool Students — Felton Street Community Preschool Philosophy in Gateshead, NSW
The curriculum at Felton Street Community Preschool is based on the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.

The learning environment provided is based on:

  • Educators knowledge of child development, growth & theory
  • Children's interests

At the same time our environment is flexible to include input from our local community, families, children and educators.

We recognise children are capable and competent individuals and acknowledge they learn best through play and interactive experiences that engage the children in meaningful, engaging and practical learning.

Within the curriculum provisions, we aim to have a balance of free play, guided small group experiences and more formal large group experiences that allow the children freedom to follow and develop their own interests, while helping them to develop the social skills needed to be part of a community.
Paint Session — Felton Street Community Preschool Philosophy in Gateshead, NSW
We acknowledge there are some important topics and areas of learning that may not arise naturally from children's interests and ideas. Educators will introduce these topics such as:

• Safety
• Caring for ourselves & others
• Environmental sustainability

The learning environment is carefully planned and prepared to ensure the provision of a range of open-ended materials and experiences that stimulate children's interests and ideas, as well as allowing freedom to experiment and explore.
Experiences and materials are set up in learning areas that are always available to the children, so that they may develop and master their skills over time, for example, literacy and numeracy.
Clay Molding — Felton Street Community Preschool Philosophy in Gateshead, NSW
Learning areas established within our environment cover the indoor play space, outdoor play space or are available in both play spaces. Our core learning areas include:

  • Dramatic play
  • Literacy (reading books, listening to stories, writing & drawing)
  • Manipulative play (small blocks/threading/pegging and posting/cutting)
  • Puzzles
  • Construction (large blocks/wood work/collage)
  • Small world investigation (mini-worlds/dollhouses)
  • Science & nature (investigation, gardening)
  • Art studio (painting, craft, and drawing)
  • Sensory play (play dough/ clay, sand, water, dirt)
  • gardening (growing vegetables & plants, composting and worm farming, environmental sustainability)
  • Physically active play (running, skipping, hoops, balls)
  • Gross motor climbing
  • Relaxation space
Projects are also part of our education program. The on-going nature of the project allow children time to:

  • Increase concentration
  • Develop ideas that can change & grow
  • Cooperate with others & work as a team

Your child's learning is documented through writing samples, photos, learning stories, jottings, art and craft, developmental checklists and mini-movies.

Our program is scheduled across the whole day as part of our preschool's daily routine and varies slightly to cater for the different developmental needs of the children.