Felton Street Community Preschool Philosophy

Two children playing — Resources Felton Street Community Preschool in Gateshead, NSW
Our Felton Street Community Preschool philosophy is at the core of everything we do and forms the basis for our vision for the future.

Our vision aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework— Belonging Being, Becoming. We strive for “ALL children to experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life.” (p.7)

Our mission is to ensure high quality education, care and support is available and accessible to, and inclusive of, ALL in the community.

Supporting this vision and mission is our philosophy, our belief that:

  • ALL children deserve safe, happy and healthy environments in which to grow—natural and homely spaces where children and their families are welcomed, included and respected. They are spaces where everyone “belongs”.
  • Each child is a unique individual, competent to actively participate in and construct their own learning.
  • Children learn through play. Play is viewed as a context for learning through which children organise and make sense of their social worlds, as they engage actively with people, objects and representations” (Early Years Learning Framework, DEEWR, 2010, p6.). This includes children taking safe risks in their play as they explore their capabilities and the environment.
  • The knowledge and skills acquired being a child in the early years, enables them to become effective members of their community.
  • Every person and family has a right to be and deserves to be, respected and valued.
  • Each family is unique and has its own dynamics, heritage, culture and family experiences.
  • That the preschool works in partnership with each family in preparing children to be independent and contributing members of society to the best of their abilities.
  • That the adults in children's lives are their role models and that we have a responsibility to support and facilitate children's learning. The education of children is a community responsibility
  • Australians and other nationalities have a role in promoting and educating our community about, inclusion, diversity, equity, equality, and social justice.

We achieve this by ensuring:

  • The services and operations provided are consistent and compliant with the Children (Education & Care Services National Law Application) Act 2010, No. 104 and Children (Education and Care Services) National Regulations 2011.
  • Qualified, experienced and professional early childhood educators are employed by the preschool. Staff also have access to the latest industry research and training, as well as good working conditions.
  • The provision of individualised holistic educational programs for all children enrolled in our Gateshead preschool. These programs & the overall curriculum are devised, implemented and evaluated in accordance with the National Quality Standard and the National Early Years Learning Framework.
  • The provision of natural learning environments where nature and environmental sustainability are incorporated into children's learning.
  • Parents are welcome and encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the preschool. Relationships forged with families are based upon mutual trust, understanding and respect.
  • The preschool is accountable and responsive to the needs of the local and broader community, this includes being environmentally sustainable.
  • The preschool is committed to on-going critical reflection leading to continuous improvement and quality services, in line with the National Quality Framework.
  • The preschool is a well-managed business that is financially secure and has longevity.